Friday, September 08, 2006

Are You Ready For Some Football?

About the only thing (besides my family) that ignites my passion more than trading is football, so you can *bet* I'm excited that the NFL's opening weekend is upon us. Vegas is the place to be this time of year! Below are this week's picks with dollar amounts.

$500 Rams +4 over the Broncos
$100 Bucs/Baltimore over 34
$200 Vikings +4.5 over the Redskins

The Rams are a decent sized underdog at home, and I believe Vegas has it all wrong when it comes to this team. They've got firepower at all the offensive skill positions and a new coach that knows how to use it. Denver's coach is playing havoc with Plummer's already fragile psyche and the Bronco's won't have the Mile High edge. Biggest postion size here because the Rams are home.

The Bucs and Ravens averaged a combined 35.5 points/game last season and both teams have more offensive firepower this season.

The Redskins have too many new parts and a old QB who doesn't have it anymore. The Vikings have a bunch of new parts, but they have a QB that does still have it and the best offensive line in football, anchored by Brik, Hutchineson and McKinney.

Here's a clip featuring the cast of Lost doing the Monday Night Football Promo

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