Thursday, September 14, 2006

Chart: BOBJ and a Song Clip (The Shins)

I am keeping an eye on BOBJ's breakout point since the stock was smacked down by the 200 day MA. A move below the breakout point would set it up for a big fall. However, if the stock consolidates on low volume and does not dip below $29, it could be ready for another leg up.

Off Topics:

It looks like you guys are enjoying the non-market related clips. I've received some requests for songs on my playlist, so I'll post some songs every now and then. Here's one that's been on the top of my rotation for over a year now, New Slang by The Shins. Fans of the Zack Braff's movie Garden State know it's the song Natalie Portman is listening to in the waiting room.

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