Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Market Scribbles and a Clip

Since I am not at the computer for long stretches during the trading day, I keep a written journal in which I scribble notes. Here are today's scribbles:

-The fact that volume has consistently been heavier on down days is more evidence of a coming collapse.

-Watch the steel sector. It's handled the energy and metals selloff better than other markets. Is accumulation occuring?

-Money's flowing out of energy. Where is it moving? This is an important development to watch.

-Watch Apple as it challenges highs.

-Lots more room for oil and metals to fall, but wait for a bounce before shorting.

-Ignore the noise and follow the bigger picture. Make sure to focus on weekly charts for trends before moving to daily and 60 minute charts.

I was a little bumbed out about the DHI trade, so to chill out I watched Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. What a great movie. Jim Carrey is probably the most underrated *serious* actor of his generation. The movie defies categorization, as it is a meloncholly, exciting, pyschological, romantic, science fiction thriller. The main question is: What would you do if you could erase a bad part of your life from your memory. Fitting that I watched it after making a bad trade. Here is a selection of montage clips:

Montage set to Radiohead's Karma Police:

Fantastic remix montage:

A montage set to Beck:

This one's set to Grazed Knees. Great song.

Montage to Coldplay's Scientist:

Finally, montage set to "Sun and Rain:

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