Friday, September 08, 2006

Today's Trades: BOOM and DHI

I covered half my position in BOOM at $35.35 for a gain of $387.50. I still have a 250 share short position in the stock. I will move my stop on the remaining 250 shares up to $37.10, which means I am guaranteed (assuming I could get my stop price) a $367.50 gain on the BOOM trade, and my profit could be much higher depending on how the rest of the trade works out. I consider this part of the trade a "free ride", as I have locked in a gain that can only be improved upon.

I went short 500 shares of DHI at an average price of $21.40. This housing stock has been in a prolonged downtrend and has continually failed when reaching it's 50 day moving average. Also note that MACD is about to turnover. I will place a stop at 22 with a profit target of $20, which give me a 1:2.3 risk/reward.

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