Friday, September 22, 2006

Today's Trades: BOOM, CAL, BBBY, HP, GROW, UARM

I covered the remaining 200 shares of BOOM at $32.90 for a$556 gain (+7.9%). The entire BOOM short made $925. While it still looks like a good short, I took profits at the 50 day MA.

I covered the remaining 300 shares of CAL at $28.45 for a $513 gain (+5.7%). The entire CAL short made $882. I might short it again if it breaks $28.

I covered all 250 shares of BBBY at $37.70 for a $37.70 loss (-.5%).

I covered all 250 shares of HP at $22.20 for a $345 gain (+7%).

I mentioned in last night's chart that I'd go short GROW if it brokedown below $30. This one set up *beautfully*. I went short 600 shares at $29.40 and covered at $27.53 for a $1122 gain (+6.4%).

I covered all 250 shares of UARM at $40.25 for a loss of 92.50 (-.93%).

This is one of those lucky Friday's that makes the coming weekend look downright sunny, even though Saturday's forecast calls for rain. Today's take was $2405.80. The account, which started at $25,000 on 9/5/06, is now at $27,749.50 (+11%)

I currently am in 100 percent cash, but may make some plays near the close today.

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