Sunday, October 01, 2006


Although the indices are above support, I'm having a heckuva time finding long candidates. Here are some charts from my short watch list:

AAPL (Apple Computer Inc.)
This one's a risky play, as AAPL is in the midst of an uptrend. However, RSI and MACD are not keeping up with the move, and stochastics have crossed over in overbought territory.

AMLN (Amylin Pharmaceuticals, Inc)
The chart shows a topping pattern developing.

OIS (Oil States Intl)

Like many energy stocks, OIS is pulling up to resistance with an overbought stochastic reading.

MT (Mittal Steel Co.)
As with OIS, MT is pulling up to resistance. Be careful with this one, volume has been picking up. I would watch for confirmation before initiating a short. If the stock breaks out, I'll go long.

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