Friday, October 13, 2006

Today's Trades: BEAS, FLIR, HOV, STP, VLO, EWZ

I bought 600 shares of BEAS at $15.18. I like the NR7 "coiled spring" set up. I'll go over the chart this weekend.

I sold my 500 share position in FLIR at $28.50 (entry at $26.85) for an $825 gain (+7.0%). I was patient and made myself stick with this trade as long as my stop didn't get hit, and it paid off. I'm getting better at not micro-managing my trades, which has been my achilles heel.

I sold my 500 share position in HOV at $32.05 (entry at $29.90) for a $1075 gain (+7.1%). I still like homebuilders short term and will watch the $31 level for support.

I covered my 300 share position in STP at $27.05 for a $384 loss (-5.1 percent). Luckily I had covered the first 300 shares for a gain, making the entire trade a loss of only $84.

I sold all 500 shares of VLO at $53.25 (entry at $50.12) for a $1565 gain (+6.1%).

I coverd all 500 shares of my EWZ short at $41.45 (short at $40.10) for a $675 loss (-3.4%).

Overall, not a bad day. While the win to loss ratio was only 3:2, the wins were much bigger than the losses. The average win was $1155 while the average loss was $530. I made a total of $3465 for the winners and lost -1059 for the losers for a total gain of $2406.

I hope to update my trading results since September 1, 2006 this weekend.

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