Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Top Sectors and Oil & Steel Watchlist

Many of my long candidates come from the top performing sectors over a given time period. It's no surprise that oil and steel stocks are on this list, as they have been on fire of late. Here are the top eight sectors over the past 20 days, via

1. Toys & Games
2. Metals Fabrication
3. Copper
4. Steel $ Iron
5. Gold
6. Silver
7. Long Distance Carriers
8. Independent Oil & Gas

Here are some oil and steel stocks that have made their ways to my watchlist (COG, NBL, OXY, XTO, VLO, HOC, HES, PCZ, OS, CMC, RIO). Many of these stocks are coming up to resistance points, so while I've gone into bull mode, I will be somewhat cautious until the stocks push past resistance points. I'm waiting to either buy on breakouts over resistance or on pullbacks.

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