Monday, October 16, 2006

Wallstrip, My Take on AAPL and Hilarious Mac Spoofs

Wallstrip, a joint blogging venture by a bunch of muy talented traders and bloggers, launched today with an excellent round table analysis of AAPL (Apple Computer, Inc.). It's definately worth viewing for the different takes on the stock.

Here is my own take on Apple. I see a healthy uptrend all sweet varieties, such as the juicy golden delicious. Tart variations, like the washington apple, concern me as they have not participated in the uptrend . . . okay, lame joke. Better stop before I do anymore damage to my credibility. Honestly, it sounded better in my head.

I can't make a prediction on the stock's direction, but it's easy to see where the breakout points are. The key numbers are $77.50 and $72.50. A break in either direction will get me in the stock, long for the former and short for the latter, as either direction looks good for at least 7 points. Both would also make for low risk trades, since a stop can be placed just above/below the breakout points. Note that RSI has formed a trading range just as the stock has. Use RSI to confirm the breakout.

And now for the funny. Here are some great spoofs on the Mac commercials, plucked from youtube.

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