Thursday, November 09, 2006

Trades: AAPL, TIE, OII, LEN, NEM and emotions after a bad trade

I sold the remaining 250 shares of AAPL at $84.25. My average exit price for all 500 shares was $82.55, with an average entry of $78.77, for an $1890 gain (+4.7%).

I covered all 300 shares of OII at $41.50 (short at $36.05) for a $1635 loss (-13%). This is one of the worst trades I have made in a long time. I'll chalk this one up as a learning experience. The only saving grace is I went with a smaller than normal position size.

I covered all 500 shares of my TIE short at $29.20, for a gain of $720 (+4.8%).

I went short 500 shares of LEN (Lennar Corp.) at an average price of $45.05.

I am still holding NEM.

While I made $975 today (pre-commissions and tax), which is double what I made at the day job, i still feel miserable. Many head coaches have commented that the lows of losses far outweigh the emotions tied to winning. This picture of Dallas Cowboys head coach Bill Parcells says a thousand words. Right about now, I know every last one of them . . .

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