Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Tonight's Watchlist: PRU, COP, SAFM, COG, BYD, AKS

As usual, tonight I took a look at the top 10-20 sectors over the past 30 days. Did anybody know the "meat" sector was in the top 10? Maybe that's why my holiday prime rib cost me 66 bucks. Yikes!

As my surprise about the meat sector shows, this is a great way to find sectors and stocks that are hot, but somehow flew under the radar. It's also an excellent way to find both stocks in uptrends and stocks that have bottomed and are in the midst of a first push upward. As I've explained before, I don't like to use many complicated scans. Instead, I look at the best sectors (worst sectors for shorts), and eyeball the charts. If a stock passes the eye test, it gets on my "further scrutiny" list, where I look more closely at technicals. Here are six stocks from the best sectors that made my watchlist: PRU (insurance), COP and COG (oil), BYD (casinos), SAFM (meat) and AKS (steel).

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