Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Here is an update of trades I've made since Friday:

I bought 500 shares STLD at $32.50 yesterday, and sold today at $34.25 for an $875 gain (+5.3%).

I bought 500 shares of GROW as it broke $52.50 and sold at $54.30 for a $900 gain (+3.4%).

I bought 500 shares of TIE at $32.05 and sold at $32.90 for a $425 gain (+2.6%).

I covered 400 shares of AKAM at $49.10 for a loss of $348 (- 1.7%).

I went short 500 shares of LEH at $74.10. I am still holding (currently at a loss). My stop is set a little above the 50 day MA.

Today I went short 500 shares BRCM at $34.03. See last night post for the reasoning behind this trade.

I am still holding HAL, BOOM (short) and GG.


Anonymous said...

Nice trades. Why did you sell GROW? Based on your recent trades, I would have thought that you would keep the trade in play or sell only half. The stock still appeared to be trending upward. -TVH

The Market Speculator said...

You are so right. It was stupid to exit GROW. My brain was telling me it could not sustain more upside, but I should have listened the the chart, price bars and volume. Normally I would sell half to take some profits and let the rest ride. I should not have abandoned my usual strategy. Live and learn . . .