Saturday, January 13, 2007

Links of the Week

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Trading Links:

A new way to use RSI.

Thirty stocks for traders to watch.

Handicapping the odds of hitting pivot points.

In trading, sometimes you need to change your state of consciousness.

Find stocks that correlate with a big winner.

Trader tool talk.

Sports Links:

The funniest writer in sports talks football.

Scoop on Da Bears.

A sports handicapper who approaches his trade as a trader would.

Drew Brees is a thinker with a quick release.

My weekend picks: Philly over Saints, Ravens over Colts, Bears over Seattle and Pats over Bolts.

Achieving goals by improving character.

Win by showing up.

Faster goal achievment podcast.

Brain workout for you frontal lobes.

My favorite Zen site.

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