Monday, January 01, 2007

New Year Resolutions

As many of you, I always start off the new year with a few resolutions. I usually keep them to myself, but as Steve Pavlina points out, it is best to make your resolutions public. This way, you have put it on record and hold yourself accountable to your readers.

1. Read at least one book every week.

2. Define my risk, stop and target before every trade and let those preset parameters work for me.

3. Review my trading journal on a monthly basis (I already do this), integrate my findings into my trading style, and report my finding on this blog.

4. Become an early riser.

5. Workout goals:
A) Run three miles 4 x/week (currently don't run at all)
B) Bench press 250 x 5 (currently at 205 x 5)
C) Barbell curl 135 x 8 (currently at 95 x 5)
D) Squat 250 x 5 (don't know current ability)

6. Try something new every month.

I plan to regularly post on these topics. For those of you only interested in my trading posts, I'll title these posts "Resolution Updates", so you can ignore them if you like.

I am jumping in today with with reckless abandon, or as Steve Pavlina recommends, overwhelming force. Today, I woke up at 5 am (which was tough after going to be late) and promptly went down to the basement to work on my bench press routine and run. On bench press, I did three sets of 205 x 5. I ran one mile in about 10 minutes. I'm on my way to achieving resolutions 4 and 5!

I am on page 50 of Brett Steenbarger's Enhancing Trader Performance, thus making progress on resolution 1.

Resoltuion 2 can only be completed as I trade, so expect an update if I trade on Wednesday.

I will work on resolution 3 this coming weekend, going over my December trades and posting my results here.

I haven't figured out what new thing to try this month. I'm debating between taking a crack at snowboarding or doing something easier like trying a new restaurant. If anybody has any suggestions, send them to

Words of Inspiration:

From now until Janurary 15th, I will conclude every post with the full video of Martin Luther King's historic "I have a dream" speech. If you haven't already, please take the time to listen to the speech in its entirety.

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