Monday, February 05, 2007

Think About Your Idol For Peak Performance

A trick I've used throughout my life to ensure peak performance is to think about an idol, expert or somebody I respect when I am involved in an action. Most of us do our best when we are being watched by another person, especially if that person is an expert in the field. Once that person leaves, we may slack off. For example, I don't brush my teeth the way that I should; I usually just go through the motions and do a half assed job. However, when I'm at the dentist's office and they ask to see how I brush my teeth, I morph into a professional toothbrusher. We can't always have an "expert" by our side, but we can mentally create a situation that will get us motivated to do our best. Now when I brush my teeth, I imagine that my dentist is right next to me.

What's this got to do with trading? Alot. Whenever I place a trade, I imagine a top trader standing beside me watching me place the trade. It might be an all time great like Jesse Livermore. If I'm about to make a trade, and I can hear Jesse laughing at me, I know I better hold off and do some more research.

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