Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Thursday's Watchlist

Here are a few stocks high on my list or Thursday. They are all long setups and my buy condition is noted next to the stock

AGU: pullback candidate
RIO: pullback candidate
STP: pullback candidate
OMG: breakout 52
PCU: pullback candidate
CCOI: NR7, use tight stop
TTWO: pullback candidate

Railroad stocks look very attractive. These are my favorites:
CSX: pullback candidate
KSU: ditto
TRN: ditto

I still love the steel sector.
MT: pullback candidate
STLD: pullback candidate
AKS: ditto
X: ditto

I see some short setups in the homebuilder sector, but I've been burned by this sector so many times . . .I'm gun shy right now.


Anonymous said...

what do you mean by pullback candidate???????

The Market Speculator said...

Sorry for the confusion. What I mean by "pullback candidate" is look for entry on a pullback to support.