Thursday, March 29, 2007

Today's Trades: TZOO, HOKU

I sold 500 shares of TZOO at $37.51 (entry at $36.47) for a $520 gain (+2.9%).

I bought 500 shares of TZOO at $36.28. I like the pattern, but did not think today's up move could sustain itself. It still seems to be staying within the breakout range. I also am holding another 500 shares with an entry price of $37.72.

I bought 1000 shares of HOKU at an average price of $6.11. The stock looks like it has broken out of a trading range and may challenge the breakout high at $7.50.


bp said...

Enjoy your blog.. I m in TZOO as well, any opinion of SAY, looking for it to stay above the 50 day?


The Market Speculator said...

Thanks BP.

SAY is one of a basket of Indian stocks that I keep an eye on, but honestly, I don't see any rhyme or reason to that chart pattern. I would wait to see if the stick that just printed is a "bullish hammer" or a "hanging man." It will take a day or two to get a better handle.

Of course, my comment is based on my own knowledge and trading style. You may have some insight that I do not, so don't let my comments stand in your way.