Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Trade Update: QID, VLO, AAPL, SSRI, STLD

I sold 1000 shares of QID at $57.21 (entry at an average price of $55.55) for a $1660 gain (+3.0%).

I covered 500 shares of SSRI at $29.79 (entry at $32.24) for a $1225 gain (+8.1%).

Yesterday I went short 500 shares STLD at $39.08.

I am still long 200 shares VLO and short 200 shares of AAPL.

Today's bounce doesn't look like it will hold. I plan to establish more short positions on strength and buy more QID. As I stated before, I'll keep shorting strength and covering weakness until this simple strategy stops working.

Sorry for the late and sparse updates. I've been swamped both at home and work the past few days. I hope to post a ton of charts in the coming days.

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Anonymous said...

Great day man! Can you tell us how you enter your trades are you using a real time chart? Thanks.