Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Trade Updates: QID, VLO, HAL, LEH, STLD, AAPL

I was stopped out of my 350 share position of HAL at $30.44 for a $388 loss (-3.7%).

I sold 350 shares LEH at $72.71 for a $231 gain (.9%). The total gain for the 700 share position was $696 (+1.4%). I was hoping for a bigger gain, and decided to bail on the trade because I think the bounce might be over.

I bought 500 shares of QID at $54.46. I've been waiting for QID to near support. Let's see if it holds.

Along with the QID position above, I am also long 200 shares of VLO, 500 more shares of QID, short 200 shares AAPL and short 500 shares STLD.

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