Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Today's Trades and A Question About how I Spotted PDE

In reference to the PDE setup, Rahul asked "Indeed a good trade. Could you tell how it came on your radar."

Sure Rahul,

Two weekends ago, I performed a sector screen, as I do every weekend. Energy was one of the stronger sectors that I identified, but I felt that it was a bit extended. I went through about 300 energy charts and identified 30 pullback candidates. PDE was one of those, and once it hit my target, I entered.

Today's Trades:
Just as with PDE, two more stocks from my watchlist pulled back to good entry levels after strong breakouts.

I bought 600 shares of FCEL at $7.89. The stock has handled support, both the breakout point and the 200 day moving average, by printing a bullish engulfing candle. I expect the stock to challenge the recent high.

I bought 500 shares of HOC at $57.94. The stock has pulled back to supprt on diminishing volume. I have placed a loose stop at $55.90, under the 50 day moving average. The target is $62, which would mark a test of old highs.

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Rahul said...

Thanks for the answer. And after reading that I realize that my trading style is very similar to yours (at least on these types of trade). Looking for pullbacks in strong sectors. Thanks for the explanation, I will be watching your watchlists more closely now that I see a similarity in trading style. You can check my trading rules on my blog.