Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Today's Trades: EWZ, FCEL, GES, HOC, SBGI, PDE

I took profits from my 500 share position in HOC at $60.76 (entry at $57.94) for a $1410 gain (+4.9%).

I sold shares of PDE at $31.73 (entry at $30.28) for a $725 gain (+4.8%).

I sold 500 shares of SBGI at $16.18 (entry at $15.23) for a $475 gain (+6.2%).

I sold 300 shares of GES at $42.13 (entry at $40.85) for a $384 gain (+3.1%).

I was stopped out of FCEL for no gain or loss. I had moved my stop to break even level once it moved up yesterday.

I bought 600 shares of EWZ at $50.43. The stock has broke out of a big base at $50, which has acted as resistance. I hope to annotate a chart tonight, but take a look at the move out of the base on the chart below.

I am holding EWZ, HES, TZOO and HOKU. I plan to go over each of today's exits today or tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

u seem to hold on to positions for only a few days even though it may seem as though the position could move higher. why is that?
also might want to take a look at GROW