Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Today's Trades: GROW, MVIS, QID, EWZ, HOKU

I sold 600 shares of EWZ at $51.80 (entry at $50.43) for an $822 gain (+2.7%). I suspect that it will retest support at $50, which could provide another entry.

I sold 1000 shares of HOKU at $6.44 (entry at $6.11) for a $660 gain (+5.4%). There is not enough volume to think this price will hold. As with EWZ, I will re-buy on a pullback if it is on low volume.

I bought 400 shares of QID at $51.85. Take note of the stochastic indicator in the chart below. QID has rewarded buys after stochastics move out of extremely oversold territory.

I bought 1000 shares of MVIS at $4.04. This one is straight out of last night's watchlist notes. I like the low volume pullback to the previous highs. What's tricky here is stop placement. Should I use a tight stop at the previous highs ($3.95), at the high volume breakout (3.8) or the 50 day moving average ($3.50)? I'll probably go with $3.80. I move back down to the moving average would put the stock back in an ugly trading range, and I ain't got that kinda time.

I bought 300 shares of GROW at $29.96. Last night I wrote that I was waiting for a deeper pullback, but decided to enter on a test of gap/breakout support. This stock is extremely volatile, and there is another support area at $28, so I decided to use a wide stop. To make up for the stop, I went with a smaller than normal position size.

Along with the positions I entered today, I am also holding TZOO and HES.

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