Wednesday, May 30, 2007

So What if There is Light Volume

Many commentators around the blogosphere have pointed out that recent gains have been on light volume and should not be trusted. Rev Shark, an excellent trader, makes this point on his analysis of yesterday's charts. While I respect this analysis, I could not disagree more. It's a holiday week, people! Of course volume is going to be light. Until we see a strong move to the downside, or some major resistance point violations, I'll continue to go long without worrying too much.

I still feel we have a strong market short term, and today is a good example the market's strength. In a weak market, the Shanghai "plunge" would have had a decimated the U.S. market. Instead, we had a light selloff that the market shook off with relative ease.

Note that my bullishness short term is not a sound off to go long with reckless abandon. While I am long, I will continue to honor my stops and have short strategies ready if there is a reversal.


Anonymous said...

Do you still own QID?

walter said...

any opinion on RVBD?