Monday, May 07, 2007

Trades, Watchlist and Earnings Observation

I'm in a hurry today, so I'll have to outline today's trades tomorrow. In the meantime, here is my breakout-pullback candidate list.

USU: pb-20-21
RSH: pb 30
EXM: pb 23-23.50
CRY: pb 11
AWC: pb 25.50
DRSY: pb 35-36
LXU: pb 17
MCY: pb 56

NILE is moving after hours based on a well liked earnings report. I've noticed that, this earnings season, stocks have been making some crazy moves after earnings. Not only are they making big gains on earnings, but instead of pullbacks from profit taking, stocks continue to ramp up the next couple of days. BWLD is a good example, and there are a bunch more.

I might take a stab at playing this seasons momentum. Remember, we must always stay flexible and adjust our trading to current conditions. In this case, it means setting aside my bread and butter pullback strategy and riding the earnings momentum wave.


Anonymous said...

I'm watching USU too and plan to get some at $21. Got a question, USU does not fit into your Breakout-pullback strategy. RSI is not at a higher level, stochastics is not higher low. how did this got into your list? thanks

The Market Speculator said...

If I like the price and volume action, I will sometimes ignore RSI and Stochastics. Here, Volume and accumulation is so good that I chose to put it on the list.

Anonymous said...

are you in? it looks like it's going to to pull back. just keeps going. Do you change you target get in price now

Anonymous said...

sorry, i mean it doesnt looks like its going to pullback

Anonymous said...

Perhaps would somebody throw an aye on ACAD weekly chart. Nice pullback and doji for now.

The Market Speculator said...

I did not enter. I generally look for pullbacks that move to the buypoint slowly on decreased volume.

The stock did recover quite nicely today.