Monday, June 04, 2007

Quote of the Day - Fly on Wall Street

Aside from my holdings, the natural gas sector intrigues "The Fly."

Look you, according to "stately experts," half the country will be destroyed, during this year's Hurricane bonanza, barring disruption from Sahara dust or El Nino. So, it probably makes sense to position in some risky dice rolls, ahead of the mayhem and calamity. After all, I invest to bank coin, not to fuck around and watch other people make Ferrari money.

With that being said, the following stocks are worth looking over, providing Mother Nature decides to go postal on our natural gas/oil pipelines-- located in the Gulf of Mexico.NGAS, NGS, ARD, GMXR, GMRK, ECA, TXCO, BEXP, FUEL, GSX, OMNI, NOV, HP, MIND, BMD, DK, RES, RRC, SWN, LUFK and EQT.

Fly on Wall Street

Fly at his best. I agree with his analysis, and am looking to add one or two natural gas/oil pipeline stocks in my longer term position trading account, where I can hold a stock anwhere from a few weeks to a few months.

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