Monday, June 18, 2007

Short Float Breakout Watchlist w/ Video Webcast

In today's video, I go over the Short Float Breakout Watchlist. Elements that make up the setup include:

A. Short Interest High
B. Float Low
C. Breakout
D. Over Resistance

On the Watchlist for Monday: CHFC, NILE, BAMM, ULTI, ZOLT and LIFC


hrgreen said...

Excellent video, very helpful, one question, My watch list just gets longer and longer... how do you pare it down... at what point does a break out pull back become not a canidate, when it breaks below the moving average of support, or how many days pass the break out? Thanks

Anonymous said...

Great Stuff Mate,

I really enjoy reading and listening to what you have to say,

Thanks - David

The Market Speculator said...

Thanks David!

hrgreen: I'll answer your thoughtful question in a post within the next few days.