Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Trade: NILE

I sold 200 shares of NILE at $60.50 for a $410 gain (+3.5%). I am still holding the remaining 200 shares from yesterday's trade, and have moved my stop to the entry point ($58.45). This locks in my current $410 gain, while "letting the rest ride".


russ said...

Good job on taking some profits on the trade..

Anonymous said...

Very nice trade.

I was wondering how do you decide when to enter in this type of trade. I see that you waited for a pullback and I noticed it bounced off the 10 EMA. Also the candle sticks on Monday and Tuesday tagged the same low.

Thanks in advance for any information you have on signals you use when entering. Still learning.


Rahul said...

Can you please tell what was your original stop?


The Market Speculator said...

Hi Rahul,
It was in the original post. $56. Not a great risk/reward, but I felt confident the stock would make a move.