Wednesday, September 12, 2007

10 Sectors and Stocks to Watch

The following 10 sectors had a week that rivaled Tom Brady's week one breakout:

I went through the top 10 sectors and picked one or two stocks from each:

ABX & AEM (Gold)
DVA (Specialized Health Services)
LVS & WYNN (Resorts and Casinos)
XMSR (Broadcasting Radio)
CELG & ILMN (Biotech)
JEC & KBR (Technical Services)
CEO & DNR (Independent Oil)
KO & Hans (Beverages-Soft Drinks)

Nothing in the Silver and REIT-Healthcare facilities sectors interested me.


Anonymous said...

I enjoy your blog alot. Unlike many 'gurus' who just claim their huge market returns, you post all your trades in real time which is very interesting and educational.
I have one question for you. Where did you get that neat table of leading 10 market sectors for the last week? Is it available somewhere on the Internet or you have a special software?

Thanks in advance!

The Market Speculator said...

I bought UA t $63.06. Also let go of a few positions.

TraderMark said...

Start looking at coal

BTU and CNX just broke out

What do you think?

TraderMark said...

also how do you treat a stock like JNPR? With such a strong recent uptrend, its down 2% to fall back to its 5 dma... what would make you find an entry point - I've been hoping for some decent fall to 13 day or heck, 20 day, but nothing!

Anonymous said...

IMO JNPR is heading to around 34, that's where I would look for support and bounce-back.

A CROX follow-up - seems unable to rally with the market again.

Keep this one on your short lists.

TC - The Critic

The Market Speculator said...

I like that CNX held today's gains, while BTU did not.

I would not enter JNPR today. I don't like to go long stocks that form a bearish engulfing pattern until the pattern is broken.