Sunday, September 09, 2007

15 Stocks to Watch and the Short Watchlist

If you are still long on the market, these 15 stocks are a good place to start your quest for trading candidates. They are among the best performing stocks last week. A cursory glance tells me energy and gold are the places to be right now.

As expected, I received a few e-mails asking about my shorts watchlist. I'm keeping it relatively simple, focusing on ETF's that short the indexes, real estate and financial sectors. If we see a true breakdown on accelerated volume, then I'll zero in on stocks to short.


carmichael said...

I'm watching
HLYS ( lawsuit and non sustainability)
FLR (waiting for it to cross below the 3 MA I watch on 3 different time lines
CROX (diluted niche sustainability with clothing line multiple report injured children with escalator incidents)

The Market Speculator said...

CROX and FLR are two of my favs.