Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Focus List Charts

NOV is one of my favorite energy sector plays. If the first, weaker support line breaks down in the upper $130's, the next buy point is at $125. I'd like to see the stock work off the overbought readings a bit.

CROX looked like it might be ready to end it's amazing run, but has persevered. It looks good on a pullback to support.

PCU has a pattern lots of focus list stocks are exhibiting. The overbought readings make it tough to enter until it pulls back to $115.


Anonymous said...

Watch out for that reversal on FCX, engulfing bars like this one are seldom good.

Overall, I think the conditions are ripe for a market reversal/pullback today, so I am keeping a close eye on QID and SDS.

Good luck.


The Market Speculator said...

My mental stop is in the $102.50-.90 range. I'm cool with the price movement unless it nears that number.