Friday, September 21, 2007

Random Thoughts

I'm doing my best not to chase. The last thing I want to do is buy just before the inevitable pullback.

I thought about buying LEH when it dipped to $61.75 today. It was on my "buy the dip" list, but I was worried because it was down while the market was up, and I was afraid traders would come to their senses and realize the rate cut ain't gonna help them out that much. The stock is currently trading at $63.

It's been frustrating watching MT hit $76. I exited yesterday in the $73 range.

It has also been frustrating watching every stock on my primary watchlist make nice gains today, without me. Again, gotta fight the urge to chase.

I'm hoping some crazy stuff happens on this "quadruple witching" options day. I still hold out hope we will see a dip at some point today.

Here is a screen shot of 20 stocks on my primary watchlist:


walter said...

do you ever just take partial profits on trades? for something like MT, it could have worked out...

The Market Speculator said...

If you look at my trading history, you'll see that I do occasionally take partial profits.