Wednesday, October 31, 2007


I sold 300 shares of VMX at $124.25 (entry at $111.24) for a $3879 gain (+11.6%). A post earnings IPO play that has done as expected.

I sold 300 shares of MICC at $111.13 (entry at $100.63) for a $3150 gain (+10.4%). This was another post earnings breakout play that worked out well.

I sold 300 shares of SAY at $29.74 (entry at $28.42) for a $396 gain (+4.6%). While I hate to complain about a 4% gain, the stock has not jumped post earnings in concert with the Indian market, which is booming.

I was stopped out of 300 shares of DRYS yesterday. I entered $124.20 and was stopped out at $119.54 for a $1398 loss (-3.8%). A speculative trend pullback play that backfired.

Yesterday, I bought 300 shares of CTRP at $55.08. This is a breakout and China play. The stock immediately went down after I bought and printed a bearish engulfing candle pattern, though has recoved today.

I bought 150 shares of FWLT at $148.10. A trend pullback play.

Today, I bought 250 shares of FLR at $159.21 on a pullback to the 50 day moving average.

I am holding RIMM, AAPL, BHP, PCU, FWLT, FLR, CTRP. I might lighten up before the Fed meeting.


Gary said...

isnt that the 20 ema on FLR and not 50 SMA --50 SMA is 144

The Market Speculator said...

My bad gary. BTW, I was stopped out. Stupid trade on my part which I will detail later.