Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Today's Trades: AAPL, JASO, EDU

I bought 300 shares of AAPL at $185.09, using my earnings setup. Historically, high volume gaps, especially those that are earnings related, have triggered bullish runs in this stock. I would not be surprised to see this earnings gap propel the stock to the $200 level.

I sold 300 shares of JASO at $55.05 (entry at $49.10) for a $1785 gain (+10.8%). My target for this trade was hit this morning.

I sold 200 shares of EDU at $76.62 (entry at $73.10) for a $704 gain (+4.8%). I will buy this stock again if it pulls back to the breakout point.

I am holding ISRG, BHP, SGR and AAPL. I may exit ISRG later today since my target has been hit.


Anonymous said...

you must of been stopped out of appl what was your stop??.

The Market Speculator said...

I was not stopped out. I don't have a hard stop in place. I would likely exit if the stock reached the pre-breakout price.