Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Today's Trades: BIDU, LULU, OII, NOV, AEM, NILE

I sold 70 shares of BIDU at $312.14 (entry at $284.26) for a $1951 gain (+9.8%). I believe this was the first time I have ever traded BIDU, and judging from the results, probably won't be my last. I will likely continue to buy on weakness.

I sold 400 shares of LULU at $46.45 (entry at $41.78) for a $1868 gain (+11.1%). Another stock that will continue to rest at the top of my watchlist. I forgot to post this trade, so feel free to disregard results if you wish.

I sold 200 shares of OII at $76.98 (entry at $71.25) for a $1146 gain (+8.1%). Again, a stock I like on weakness.

I took some feeler positions in AEM, NILE and NOV, which I will detail tonight.


Anonymous said...

good call on BIDU, i hesitated because i felt the stochastics wasnt really at much of an overbought level. clearly i was wrong.

Anonymous said...

BIDU was based on luck or trading secret? Other than oversold indication at Stochastic, I did not see any reason to jump in before seeing some more weakness. What was the reason to jump in Y'day for you?


TraderMark said...

Sometimes we get lucky
Sometimes we are good

:) grats on that trade

p.s. wonder which Fox show Bolling will show up on - while I agree FM is the best show on CNBC, Bolling was the man - period,.

TraderMark said...

Do you enter trades with % gain targets or just 'feel' - those are severely nice % gains, BIDU withstanding the catalyst today

I should of mentioned CIEN to you late last week since I knew there was a potential catalyst and it looked good starting Friday - more of a trade up your alley. Most of the run is probably in.

I am surprised YGE and FSLR are not showing up on your screens - and TSL of late...

The Market Speculator said...

KR: I'll detail the trade in a post.

Mark: I despise Fox, but probably will check out wherever Bolling lands. I like his commodity and energy related analysis.

As for targets, they are usually based on my expectations which are derived from both resistance levels or, when dealing with new highs, how the stock has acted in the past. The target also has to create a good reward to risk ratio.

Personally, I have the hardest time with exits. I feel my strength is finding good trades, while my weakness is the exit.

FSLR is a member of my focus list. I like it a lot. TSL has been doing well of late, but why trade it when FSLR is doing so much better?