Monday, October 22, 2007

Trade Update

Over the past couple of days, I've been stopped out of PCU ($127.90), OII ($76.66), BLUD ($35.76) for losses.

I bought 300 shares of ISGR on Friday on a dip of the earnings breakout, at $267.44. I sold half my position today at $278 and am holding the rest.

Still holding NVDA, BHP, JASO, EDU, SGR, BIDU.

I am looking to short housing stocks if they continue to bounce. For instance, I'd like to short DHI if it reached the $13-14 range.

Some of the highflyers have come back to buyable levels. However, it's tough to buy right now with the market as shaky as it it. Also, many have reached buyable levels on gaps down with heavy volume, which is not the type of pullback I like to see. For example, FWLT is in my buyzone, but reached it buy gapping down.

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