Thursday, November 08, 2007

Hectic Week

Sorry for the lack of posts, guys and gals. I've had a hectic week. Either later today, or early tomorrow, I'll have a details on all my trades and market thoughts.


Jerry said...

Whenever you find the time at the weekend then.

Anonymous said...

Your trades are only valid when you publish them same day.

Anonymous said...

You owe it to your following to publish your trades more quickly, I,m sure alot of people followed you in on trades , and you left them hanging,,,

Anonymous said...


It's his blog and he can do whatever he wishes. He's not pointing a gun at his followers to play the same game. Only a fool would base his trades on some random blogger's analyses and not his own anyway.


The Market Speculator said...

Anonymous 1: I'm not concerned with the "validity" of the trades I publish on this blog. This blog is not my first priority and there is not way I can post all my trades same day (I do post most same day).

Anonymous 2: Sorry, but I don't owe you a thing. You might want to take the approach of *appreciating* the free content and the amount of time I put into the site. Anyway, that's the way I feel about blogs that I read.

G: I agree with you completely. If a trader is basing his trades on what I'm doing, he or she should quite trading *right now*.

Anonymous said...

The Market Speculator, I support you and you can do what ever you want!!! Keep good work.