Sunday, November 25, 2007

Invest Like a Shark

I am currently reading Invest Like a Shark by James DePorre. For those who don't know, Deporre, otherwise know as Rev Shark, lost his hearing, job and wife before starting to trade with a $30,000 stake and turning it into millions.

Thus far there isn't much that I already don't know. However, from time to time it's worthwhile to review what you know to get the mind focused on what's important. For example, DePorre likens successful small investors to sharks, who patiently wait for an opportune time before striking aggressively. I like the analogy and I am already waiting for better setups.

Click on the picture below to view Rev Shark speaking with Jim Cramer about current market conditions.

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Anonymous said...

I read this weekend. I agree. Not sa bad book, but if you read Real Money or are familiar with Rev it is a basically a refresher. I actually read "The Complete Turtle Trader" by Covel, that was a good read. Much better than Faith's book (which is ironic).