Monday, December 10, 2007

Today's Trades: URRE, NCTY, FSLR

As I said I would in last night's trading video, I exited half my FSLR postion (125 shares) at $247.20 (entry at $223.30) for a $2987 gain (+10.7%). My current position is 125 shares and my stop is at the original entry price.

I bought 500 shares of URRE at $12.21. This stock made my watchlist via a long time reader's suggestion. We have been working on a trading setup over the past month, and this is my first attempt at trading it.

I went short 400 shares of NCTY at $25.78. This is a classic breakout-pullback setup from the short side.

1 comment:

TVH said...

Nice work ringing the cash register on FSLR! Good luck with the remaining shares.