Friday, December 07, 2007

Trades and Performance Stats

Here are trades I've recently made. All entries were posted to the site and can be viewed via the trade label. Entries for these trades were made on or after November 9th, and exited this week. I have completed other trades since the 9th, that were posted on the site. I have not included them here, since this post is only to update exits made this week. This weekend I will have performance stats for all trades since November 1.

I sold 300 shares of PBR at $108.06 (entry at $94.61) for a $4035 gain (+14.2%).

I sold 400 shares of VIP at $38.43 (entry at $34.17) for a $1704 gain (+12.4).

I sold 300 shares of MEE at $35.90 (entry at $30.10) for a $1740 gain (+19.2%).

I sold 200 shares of DE Wednesday at $88.10 (entry at 79.11) for a $1798 gain (+11.4%).

I sold 300 shares of RIG at $133.90 (entry at $126.10) for a $2340 gain (+6.1%).

I covered 300 shares of TBSI at $42.60 (entry at $55.26) for a $3798 gain (+28.6%).

I covered 500 shares of the NOV at $72.72 (short at $69.44) for a $1640 loss (-4.6%).

I covered 300 shares of MER yesterday at $58.10 (short at $54.10) for a $1200 loss (-6.8%).

I covered 300 shares of PGJ at $35.37 (short at $32.55) for a $846 (-8.5%).

I covered 300 shares of LEH at $61.10 (short at $59.73) for a $411 (-2.2%).

I sold 600 shares of QID at $37.75 (entry at $40.26) for a $1506 loss (-6.6%).

I covered 300 shares of AAPL at $181.35 (short at 176.08) for a $1581 loss (-3.1%).

Performance stats for these trades:

Win Rate: 50 percent (6 wins/6 losses)

Total Gains: $15,415
Average Gain: $2,570

Total Losses: $7,184
Average Loss: $1,198

Total Profits: $8,231

My trade rate was not up to my usual standards, at only fifty percent, so I can't say I'm a happy camper. However, I can take some solace in the profits and risk management. I try to keep my losses small and my wins big, and was able to accomplish that goal.

We can also see that my shorts are what kept the win rate down. All of my losses were from shorts (which includes long QID), and I only had one short win (TBSI). I bet you can guess what I will be working on this weekend.

To view my entries, follow the trade label. I am still holding some stocks I've entered over this period, including DCO, FSLR, LEN (short) and OFG.


Glenn said...

Wow, nice work!!

Jerry said...

Not great percentage, but great gain.

Anonymous said...

That's pretty impressive considering how difficult it's been to trade this market lately. What is your average holding period and what prompts you to sell a particular holding? Do you trail stops or do you use fixed stops based on support/trend lines or MA?


TVH said...

Nice work, especially with PBR! What was your reasoning for that entry? I couldn't figure that one out when you had posted it.

The Market Speculator said...

PBR: low volume pullback to support.

I use both fixed and trailing stops. Everything I do is based on S/R.

Anything-Goes said...

wow, seems great keep up the good work!