Thursday, March 13, 2008

EOG . . .WOW!

I had much confidence in the EOG trade, but even I didn't expect the move to happen just hours after I entered. I took partial profits at my $127 target, exiting 100 shares for a $846 gain (+7.1%). I've moved my stop up to the entry point for the remaining 100 shares in order to "lock in" this gain.


Rajaram Pai said...

MS: How do you resist taking partial profits before ithits your "target"? I would have been tempted to take profits when it reached say 123/124. I suffer from that syndrome and it cuts heavily into my profits.How do I correct it? Raj

godsdog said...

very nice, you have really been in tune with the market last few months

what are your thoughts on a intermediate term bottom being put in this week