Friday, April 11, 2008

Today's Entry: CSX, DZZ and MTL

I bought 100 shares of MTL at $143.46. The strong broke out over $140 yesterday on strong volume. It's one of the strongest stocks in a strong sector showing loads of accumulation. I may be a bit early on entry (I usually don't enter at overbought stochastic levels), as the stock could pullback to $140. That's why I went with a small position size and may buy more at $140.

I bought 300 shares of CSX at $56.10. Another strong stock from a strong sector at the bottom of a high tight flag pattern.

I bought 500 shares of DZZ at $26.55. This ETF is 2X short gold. Gold has setup nicely as a broken momo that is retracing weekly to resistance levels.

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