Friday, April 18, 2008


I exited 300 shares of CSX at $60.64 (entry at $56.10) for a $1362 gain (+8.1%).

I exited 100 shares of MTL at $154.40 (entry at $143.46) for a $1094 gain (+7.6%).

I exited 200 shares of HAL at $47.10 (entry at $44.83) for a $454 loss (-5.06%).

As noted in yesterday's update, I made a few entries on pullback:

I bought 300 shares of ANR at $49.74.

I bought 200 shares of RRC at $69.57.

I may exit these two positions today.

I hope to have analysis of all of these entries and exits posted over the weekend. Entries can be viewed via the "trade" label below.

4-20-08 update: Fixed some typos in this post. Expect chart later today.


Eochaidh said...

Sorry to ask again about CSX, I see you made a nice profit there. My curiosity about CSX was more to do with what do you do with a holding if results are coming up. CSX released results this week and I too held through them but it could have gone either way. What is your policy in that respect? Thanks!

The Market Speculator said...

I usually don't hold. If I do, it's because I like the entire sector. Also, if I have a profit already, I might be willing to take a risk. With CSX, I was really confident about the sector.

No real formal strategy.