Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Trading Portfolio Update

I exited 300 shares of DZZ at $28.90 (entry at $25.85) for a $915 gain (+11.8%). Hold time 5 days.

I exited 300 shares of NKE at $69.75 (entry at $65.90) for a $1155 gain (+5.8%). Hold time 5 days.

Both exits were the result of hitting targets. I setup a trailing stop on DZZ last night in case it kept going up--protecting my profit with a stop at $29. NKE had a sell limit order placed just under my target level.

I bought 400 shares of NFLX at $36.20. This is a breakout trend pullback setup.

I bought 100 shares of SKF at $100.68.

I am still holding GTLS and DUG, which is very close to my stop-loss.

One important new development. I have decided to ditch the "virtual" trading portfolio idea. I still am going to focus on educational aspects of trades, so hopefully I can appease both sets of my readers (those who want more of a focus on education and those who want to know what I am doing).

I am running short on time, but will detail the NFLX entry tomorrow.

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