Saturday, May 10, 2008

Today's Trade: EWZ

I bought 200 shares of EWZ, the Brazil ETF, at $91.61.

Setup: Bullish Flag post Breakout-Breakout Pullback. The stock pulled back to the top of the breakout level, which is also where it broke resistance. Recent volume pattern is strong and obv has increased as stock has pulled back from breakout. As a plus, all things Brazil have been on fire.

Risk: My initial target is the old high around $95. I will either take full or partial profits at this level. If I feel the stock is ready to breakout to another new high, I'll keep a position. My stop is just under price support and the 20 day moving average, in the $88-89 range. This only gives me an intial risk of about 1:1 reward to risk, but I feel the probability of the setup is strong. Also note this is the "initial risk". If I decide to stay in for a breakout of $95, my target will be higher.

Concerns: Stochastic not yet oversold, but still is under 50. U.S market could pull down strong region like Brazil. Still, Brazil has great relative strenght compared to S&P 500.

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