Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Trade Setup: BBD

I bought 200 shares of BBD, a Brazilian bank, at $23.31.

Setup: Breakout-Pullback. The stock pulled back to the breakout level and has a strong volume pattern. As a plus, Brazilian stocks have been on fire.

Risk: My initial target is the old high around $25. I will either take full or partial profits at this level. If I feel the stock is ready to breakout to another new high, I'll keep a position. My stop is under the breakout level. This only gives me about a 1.5:1 reward to risk, but I feel the probability of the setup is strong.

Concerns: I entered at the top half of the stochastic indicator--the pullback did not reach overbought levels. If today is the start of a deeper market pullback, it may bring this stock down with it.


Eochaidh said...

Another drop in BBD. Bought here myself at $23.28. Stop is at $22.05. What point do you have your stop at?

madhatter said...

i like it, same setup in ITU essentially (another brazilian bank)