Friday, July 18, 2008

OT: Best Poker Blogs?

This is completely off topic, but I'm betting that more than a few of my readers are avid poker players. I'm looking for a few good poker blogs and sites to read that focus on strategy. Suggestions can be emailed at or left in comments.



FeirFactor said...

You play poker too?

We should set up a Investment Bloggers Tournament on Full Tilt one of these days. Maybe blog readers too. The conversation would probably be interesting too.

I know Kirk plays.

That'd be fun.

I find the Full Tilt Pros Tips to be helpful most of the time:

downtowntrader said...

The first two are Daniel Negreanu and Terrance Chan, courtesy of Boogster's blogroll. The last link is his "other" bloggers page.

Have Fun,