Thursday, November 13, 2008

Trade Update: SSO, FXI, ALK, LHCG

Here are the trades I made yesterday, as noted in the intraday alert I sent Trade Report members:

I made a few long entries earlier today. I decided to cut my position size from what I was originally planning. The lack of postive accumulation (volume) made it tough to make these trades, but I couldn't pass up the low risk setups.

Note that a lot of stocks on the watchlist violated my pullback rules by dropping on heavy volume or large price bars.

SSO @ $25.74 and $25.23
FXI @ $24.54 (My entry in the report was lower on this, but I really like the way it has held up)
ALK @ $23.41
LHCG @$31.44

My stops are in place and I am more than willing to take small losses.

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