Thursday, January 15, 2009

And the answer is . . .

no bullish tail for FAS. Earlier today I posted the bullish tail candle forming and wanted to see if it could hold into the close. It did not.

Bulls can hold on to the close off the lows and volume that could lead to a "capitulation" selloff.

I sold half my FAS position for a nice profit at $14.50 (entry at $12.77).


N said...

Mr. Singh,

Accoding to your post on Jan 12, you went long FAS (200 shares) at 17.63 and then added to this position at 16.76. Yesterday's post talks about exiting the position at 14.50 "at a profit". How do the numbers add up?


The Market Speculator said...

See my January 14 post. I was stopped out of my original trade at $14.40. I then re-entered at $12.77.