Monday, April 06, 2009

10 Things I Think I Know

1.  I am waiting for a pullback to enter long

2.  A bottom may be in, but pay attention to volume for clues of a pattern failure

3.  Tech is showing relative strength vs the market.  Could be a clue for the next leaders.

4.  NFLX bottomed in December and is now trending.  I thought DVDs were dead?

5.  Lots of good looking bottom patterns.  

6.  Four words that have been the key to trading this market: support, resistance, overbought and oversold

7.  Financials, real estate and retail are showing signs of life and accumulation.

8.  The Vikings pulled a double whammy by passing on Jay Cutler.  

9.  Props to Michigan State for making it as for as they did.

10.  Why has nobody signing Tory Holt?

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