Thursday, September 24, 2009

Trade Update

Trade Update that I sent subscribers:

I took profits and exited half my BIDU short at $380 (average entry $402.44).

I was stopped out of ENER long position at $12.40 for a small loss.

I took profits on the remaining shares of AIG long position at $46. One of my best trades in quite some time.

I am still holding JAZZ long. AMZN and BIDU partial position short. Both charts are doing well, while JAZZ is still holding support.

Near the open I entered two inverse ETFs I mentioned last night in "shorts near entry"- SKF ($24.80) and SRS (9.55). I also entered STEC at I am kicking myself for not also adding DTO and short setup STEC--the stock I charted last night. I may add on a pullback.


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